Holding podium and encouraging people to donate blood. In his speech Mr, Bahrat Bhushan Sharma chairman of kundan green valley school spreaded awareness about the importance of blood donation and he also boosted up young generation to come forward and step ahead in this noble cause.

Speech By
Mr, Bahrat Bhushan Sharma.

On the occasion of Geeta jayanti at convention hall sec -12 faridabad Director sir Mr Bharat Bhushan Sharma clinched the best speaker award by commissioner G .Anupama . - Importance of karma and its constructive outputs were the main highlights of the Director’s Speech . Role of students to present well nurtured society was explained, it was a commendable effort of kundan green valley and its management to encourage the people to be a good human being by performing good deeds.

Best Speaker Award
G .Anupama.

Welcoming cabinat minister Mr Krishan Pal Gujjar in an event in the presence of hub of educationists among all the intellectuals and scolars kundan green valley schools and its management witnessed this event with a hope of development in the fields of education.

Cabinat Minister
Mr Krishan Pal Gujjar.