Primary Department

A home away from home' is a thought that we at KUNDAN GREEN VALLEY cater in our Pre-primary Department. Respected individuality of a child and every child remains our focus. We aim at overall development of the child. Special features of our Pre-Primary Department are:

  • Judicious students teacher ratio
  • Buzzing play zone for students
  • Teaching by play way method
  • Activity oriented teaching
  • Use of Audio-visual aid for better understanding
  • Decorated classrooms
  • Activity oriented teaching

Senior/Senior Secondary Wing

To facilitate teaching learning process we emphasize on group activities, group discussion, experimental, project demonstrations, brain storming sessions, scaffolding sessions.

Different instructional skills are used for teaching and stresses on in-depth-knowledge of the subjects.


  • Comprehensive Assessment as per CBSE norms.
  • Trans disciplinary approach to make our students develop leadership traits.
  • Intrinsic preparation for various competitions and holistic development of every student.
  • Resource centre, well equipped labs and well stocked library provide better opportunities for greater learning.
  • Highly trained and dedicated faculty who develop close association with students and parents for development of conducive and healthy teaching learning process.
  • Career counselling sessions for better awareness.

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