Celebrating important days has become a regular feature in the school. Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day was celebrated with great pomp and show by the tiny tots . This was a day of jubilation for every child and an occasion to say a big Thank You to their mothers for their unconditional love and care. All the mothers participated enthusiastically in various competitions like fancy dress, blind fold game and talent hunt which were organised specially for them.

Independence Day.

Independence Day was celebrated with usual ardour and gusto. The programme highlights include speeches, songs and dance performances all based on the theme of patriotism. Teachers' Day.

Teachers' Day.

Teachers are our mentors, friends and guides who are always there to help us to overcome even the most insurmountable difficulties. This is what was expressed by every speaker on the occasion of Teachers' Day Celebration in the school. To show their respect and express their gratitude to the teachers, class XI students organised a wonderful programme.

Childrens' Day.

Childrens' Day was celebrated with great joy and fun in the school. The teachers organised a special assembly for them. The programme began with the prayer 'Showers of Blessings'. The funny skit presented by the teachers who acted as students and created the ambience of a real classroom drew a lot applause from the audience. The fashion show presented by the teachers was indeed an icing on the cake.

Grandparents' Day.

Grandparents' Day evoked a keen interest among the grandparents of school children. The senior citizens got a rare opportunity to participate in fun competitions and thus got an opportunity to revisit their childhood. The boundless energy and enthusiasm displayed by them was particularly regale the audience which comprised of their grandparents.

Teej Celebrations

Teej Celebrations include numerous competitions which generated a lot of enthusiasm among the students. The competitions organised to mark the occasion included Kite flying, Rangoli making and Heena

Diwali Celebration.

Diwali Celebrations marked the culmination of the month long festivities. A havan which lent a pious air to the festivities was organised in the school premises. Sweets were distributed and gleeful greetings were exchanged. Everyone resolved to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali.

Annual Xmas Party.

Annual Xmas Party is one of the most awaited events in the school calendar. The school wore a festive look and a sense of thrill and excitement was visible on each and every face. As always, the students as well as the teachers immersed themselves in non-stop fun. Students and their class teachers had arranged an extremely sumptuous party which was relished by one and all. It was indeed a treat to watch everyone shake a leg.