(A). The school does not charge any capitation fee or donations for admission. The fee details are displayed on the Notice Board at the Reception. Fees are charged quarterly in advance and are to paid by cash/ local cheques:-

(i) For new admissions tuition fees for April to June, Registration charges,

(B).Admission charges, Annual charges and security deposit are paid at the time of admission by Cash/Cheque only.

(ii) For old students

  Tuition fee for April to June along with Annual Charges   by 10th April
  Tuition fee for July to September   by 10th July
  Tuition fee for October to December   by 10th October
  Tuition fee for January to March   by 10th January

(C). Late fee fine of Rs. 20/- will be charged after due date.

(D). In case fee is not paid by the end of the given month, the school reserves the right to strike off the name of the student and allow continuation only on payment of admission charges afresh.

(E) For duplicate copy of any certificate including fee certificates a fee of Rs.500 will be charged and the parents must put in application giving a minimum of 7 days to the school to prepare and issue such certificates. Duplicate of TC will not be issued.

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