In pursuit of excellence in all areas, school provides unbounded advantages:-


The school possesses a well stocked library for students of all ages providing them with an optimum studying environment.

Science Labs

All labs are fully equipped and it provides an environment where students can apply the learnt concepts and develop their observational skills and their analytical and reasoning power.

Computer Labs

Computer education is an integral part of our school curriculum. Fully equipped labs with latest equipments are provided to students for practical application and under learning

Art and Craft

Creativity of our students are enhanced by our talented art and craft teachers. Students learn to explore their potentials while wailing with plasticine, crayone water colours, fabric colours and oil colours.
Students participate in various competitions and have various accolades for the school.

Smart Class

KUNDAN GREEN VALLEY offers knowledge packed audio visual modules for better understanding of the learnt concept through smart classes. Modules related to all concepts in every subject are shown to students where in they can apply the learnt concept in real life situations
Electronic aids and advanced methodologies thus form a part of the daily teaching and learning curriculum

Physics Lab

The Physics Lab is well equipped with all scientific instruments dealing with all modern Mechanics, Thermo, Optics, Electro current & Modern Physics, approved by ISO. These are used for practicals conducted by students of classes IX & X th. It has display of a variety of projects made by the students on various topics. The Lab Assistant manages all equipments and students are issued the apparatus on requirement.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry lab of the school is fully equipped with all materials required for the practicals and investigatory projects to be performed by the students studying biology in classes IX & X. At a time 25 - 30 students can work comfortably in the lab. The lab is displayed with beautiful prepared charts and models showing different aspects of the living world.

Biology Lab

The school has a fully equipped chemistry lab with all the safety equipments and apparatus required for conducting the experiments. Regular check up of the gas pipeline, drainage, disposal system is done to ensure the safety of all. Lab is designed in such a way that 15-20 students can do the experiments individually at a time.

Health Room

The school has a doctor to take care of the health of the students. The First – Aid room is equipped to deal with all kinds of emergency situations. Apart from this, the students undergo regular health check – ups and are advised accordingly by the doctor regarding their health related problems

Safety Provision

The school has a highly guarded campus to ensure the safety of the child. Fire safety devices are installed and we provide our students with quick and safe bus and Echo services which are under constant supervision of the management. Our priority lies with the safety of our student at every step.

Sports Facilities

KUNDAN GREEN VALLEY offers excellent sports facilities under one roof. The sports department comprises of games, yoga, aerobics, archery, etc. The school field has a cricket, volleyball, and a badminton court. Specialized coaches for various sports are there to train our students to participate in different competitions at zonal, district, state and national levels.

Music and Dance

Students learn various folk and classical dance and give numerous dance performances on stage and participate in various competitions.